Live sound is where we built our reputation as one of the area's best, especially among bands, musicians, and special event promoters. We'll work with you to provide the best system to meet your needs on stage while making sure the front system provides just the right coverage for the given environment. If necessary, we'll use industry standard software to perform modeling and simulation of venue acoustics to explore options and evaluate what works and what doesn't - before the virtual venue becomes a job site and changes become time-consuming and expensive. Listed below are some of the main components we might use in a given situation. If you don't see something listed and you absolutely must have it, just say so and we'll get it. Also check our listing at the online Event Production DirectoryContact us for pricing and availability.

Mixing Consoles

  • Allen & Heath dLive
    (48 channel, digital)
  • Yamaha M2500
    (40 channel, analog)
  • Allen & Heath GLD-112
    (48 channel, digital)
  • Mackie M32
    (40 channel, digital)
  • Allen & Heath GL2400
    (24 channel, analog)

Outboard Components

  • Drawmer Noise Gates
  • DBX Comp/Limiters
  • Klark-Teknik EQs
  • Multi-effects from TC Electronic, Lexicon & Ensoniq
  • BSS MiniDrive


  • Crown iTech Series
  • Crown XTi2 Series
  • Dynacord

Loudspeakers and Monitors

  • DAS Event Series
  • TCS Audio
  • DAS Vantec Series
  • Electro-Voice PXM-12MP


  • 5 Piece Mapex Pro-M Series Drum Kit
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Guitar Amp w/4x12 cabinet
  • Line 6 Flextone II Plus
  • Ampeg SVT Series Bass Amp & PN NEO Series Cabinet