The first two pics are of the "A" FOH system at Fairview Summer Fest 2008.

4 TCS 2800 subs, 4 TCS 2500 3-way

The next two are one-half the "A" system in Westlake with Revolution Pie in 2009. The "C" FOH system is about 3/4 the size of one-half the "A" rig, consisting of a pair of TCS 218 and a pair of TCS 215.* The rack is the "A" system rack. The "B" & "C" system rack is about half the "A" rack and consists of the same components minus one comp/limter, one gate, the CD-recorder and utilizes a Carvin XC3000 crossover instead of the BSS minidrive.* The mixers are 32 channel Soundcraft LX7ii (we sold this last year) and the Yamaha M2500.

* not pictured